Welcome to Mistress Dominique's Website

I will tease you, taunt you, and wrap you around my little finger.

I will take you places; nice places, naughty places. Places you have never imagined before.

From fantasy to reality.

If you're craving to be tied up and mercifully teased by a beautiful woman, then turned into the perfect little slut purely for my entertainment, or serving a beautiful woman to play out your fantasy, you need to contact Me, Now.

778.322.3797 - Blocked calls are not accepted
Availability and calls accepted: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm daily

Email Address: DominiqueDomme@gmail.com

I am a professional, and as such, discretion and complete confidentiality, remains between you and I at all times.

Oscar Wilde Quote Ask Yourself..

What are you craving?

  • * Do you ache to have a soft silky foot against your lips? (Foot Fetish)
  • * Do you have any desire or urge to be tied up or restrained? (Bondage)
  • * Do you feel a need or deeply crave to serve and please Mistress Dominique? (Submit)
  • * Do you crave for a beautiful woman to take you with her strap-on and for her to have her way with you? (Strap-on play)
  • * Do you fantasize about a beautiful woman laughing at you? (Humiliation)
  • * Do you like how it makes you feel when you hand over your control to another? (Power Exchange)
  • * Do you secretly fantasize about wearing ladies lingerie and prancing around in front of Mistress Dominique? (Cross Dressing)
  • * Do you enjoy pain? (Corporal Punishment)

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